Whether you live alone, have roommates, own or rent we all have a refrigerator and now here is even more insight into how to gauge If someone may be Mr. or Ms. right.

John Stonehill a self proclaimed Refrigerator Expert has a hilarious website called checktheirfridge.com and he has some pretty funny insight into how you can judge someone by what is in their fridge. Go ahead admit it you snoop when you are at a dates apartment, especially women, we love it, it's  in our DNA. :)

I have never thought of looking in someones fridge, and actually I never have hard core snooped, I am way to chicken and would have gotten busted for sure. Here are just a few examples of beware of:

1.) Fridge is completely empty

2.) Tons of booze and nothing else..

3.) Generic everything

4.) Messy and moldy

For more examples of your dates potential click here


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