A time honored tradition in Minnesota, it's time to find out where in the Northland has the absolute best meat raffle.

If you ever mention a meat raffle to a Non-Minnesotan, they give you this look like you just asked them if you could burn their house down. They have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. And that's a shame, because nothing brings Minnesotans together like a good meat raffle.

You know the drill. You sit down at a local bar/VFW/Eagles and order a drink. Then people come by and ask if you want to purchase a number for a dollar. You say "of course" and snag what you hope is your ticket to the T-Bone steak you've been eyeing down. Then the winning number gets called and you whisper a curse word to yourself because Marge from down the block won for the 3rd time this month.

Now obviously some places do things differently, but you get the idea. Meat raffles are such a Minnesota thing that even the Los Angeles Times did a feature on it. Adding on that, two members of the Minnesota Wild got to try their hand at a meat raffle and pulltabs this past winter and it was captured on video.

So now I NEED to know, good people of the Duluth area, what is the best meat raffle in the area? Let me know by commenting on Facebook or by dropping me an email at josh.koop@townsquaremedia.com.


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