Minnesota is working through some bumps in the road to full rollout of new Cannabis laws in the state, and one of those dealt with THC beverages.

Minnesota legalized recreational cannabis in 2023 and since then several things needed to be addressed, including how THC beverages can be served, the popularity of these drinks has exploded over the last couple of years, and now you'll be able to enjoy these beverages in a new way.

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On July 1st, new Minnesota laws went into effect, including changes to the cannabis law, in the updated rules about serving THC beverages, bars and taprooms will now be able to serve these beverages on tap, versus just in cans.

According to Axios Twin Cities, Minnesota is the first state to explicitly legalize THC beverages to be served on tap. This change will allow craft brewers to try different flavors and varieties without having to commit to an expensive canning operation.

This change is only for bars, taprooms, and restaurants that already serve alcohol, you can't buy a keg of THC seltzer for a garage party yet.

Lots of Minnesota taprooms and craft brewers are already taking advantage of the change in the state's cannabis laws, including Duluth's Bent Paddle, they have their popular THC sparkling water and mocktails on tap now.

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Several other changes were made to Minnesota's cannabis laws that also went into effect recently, including changes in licensing for growers and manufacturers, to the lottery system for those licenses, and changes on what doctors can prescribe marijuana for.

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