The news that pop diva Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48 is still sinking in, with scant few details available about how Houston died. The mystery deepens, as members of the singer’s immediate family were in contact with her right before her untimely passing.

Apparently, Houston’s mother Cissy as well as her cousin and fellow singer Dionne Warwick both spoke to the ‘The Greatest Love of All’ singer on the phone just before her death and Houston seemed fine at the time.

TMZ reports that Cissy Houston actually spoke to her daughter, 48, just a half hour before she died and there was no cause for alarm and nothing out of the ordinary took place during the conversation. Mother and daughter even discussed attending a pre-Grammy party hosted by Clive Davis.

Warwick spoke to Houston several hours before her death to check in and see if they would be seated at the same table at the Davis party. There were no signposts or indications of a problem when Warwick and Houston spoke, either.

Sources indicated that Warwick is “an absolute mess” over the loss of her cousin, while Cissy is understandably “hysterical.” We can imagine that Houston’s only daughter Bobbi Kristina is also devastated, so we send our thoughts and prayers out to the family of the one and only Whitney Houston.

Additionally, other new details have arisen, with TMZ also reporting that staff at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where Houston was reportedly found dead, said that she was partying loudly with friends in the hotel bar. While the hotel was hosting plenty of Grammy festivities, Houston’s group stood out because they were overly boisterous.

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