One of the most popular attractions at The Minnesota State Fair is the Sky Glider, the brightly colored chair lift that gives you a birds eye view of the fairgrounds. It is a great way to scoop out some booths or give your aching feet a rest. Well apparently it is also an opportunity to throw garbage or in the past couple of years your bra and underwear as well.

Now what in the world would make anybody think it is o.k. to throw garbage in this day and age is beyond me, but what is the deal with "the very large bra" as described by fair staff and random underwear? The Pioneer Press first wrote a story about this back in 2016 and according to one of the co-owners of the ride this has been going on for well over a decade.

So just to be clear these offenders are not dropping these items on people below, there is an area where the Sky Glider goes over the roof of a building and that is where they drop stuff. According to City Pages this building that gets bombed with garbage and panties is for little kids to come see agricultural exhibits and ride mini tractors. Fortunately the kids inside the building can't see what is up on the roof but everyone on the Sky Glider can.

The items sit on the roof until some unlucky worker is tasked with cleaning all the stuff off at the end of the fair. Apparently this roof came in handy one year as a gentleman lost his prosthetic leg on the ride and it landed safely on the roof, so he was able to get it back. I for one think it is hilarious and wonder if these women bring an extra bra or panties to toss on the roof, or just decide what the heck at the last minute and give it a toss. So if you take the Sky Glider next year at the fair take a look on the roof of the kids agriculture building to get an eyeful!   DISCLAIMER: I am not condoning this type of behavior in anyway, but I do get a chuckle out of the "big bra" on the roof.

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