Two thieves were charged with stealing a large bell that was displayed at the old Swan Lake Catholic Church in a small town in Minnesota.

According to Fox9, The Nicollet County Sheriff's Office received a report of a large bell found in a ditch with straps all around the bell near the reporter's home just north of the Fort Road in Brighton Township. Authorities say when they arrived, the bell was extensively damaged.

Could you imagine finding a large bell near your home? Especially living in a small town, has to be a super random moment in the reporter's life.

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According to the report, An investigator saw a suspicious vehicle in the area pulling an empty trailer and found two people in the vehicle. While speaking to the pair, the investigator noticed tools, straps and ropes in the trailer that were similar to those left in the area of the stolen bell. The couple who are residents from St. Peter, MN were a 38-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman who were arrested.

Investigators also believe they were connected to a burglary at a garage near the church where the bell was stolen. They couple were charged with felony theft, attempted felony theft, and 3rd degree burglary. They are also being held in the Nicolett County Jail.

I just can't get over that someone would want to steal a bell from a church. Were they going to try and sell it? Were they going to use it as a prop for TIkTok and recreate epic movie scenes? Moral of the story, don't steal.

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