Another school year to some means a slow down on the partying and shenanigans, but of others means more work, responsibility, and a part time job. and for the less fortunate it means bad memories of wedgies, getting thrown in lockers, or even wetting you pants.

Now bullying is one thing I can't stand or have a patients for, however I bet if you had Scott Howard ( Teen Wolf ) Steven Stiffler ( American Pie ) or even the "Cherry" on the sundae Ferris Bueller. I bet your school days would've been memories rather than nightmares.


Ah school - the best days of your life right? Well, actually, no, they weren't always that brilliant - boring lessons, never-ending detentions and annoying classmates. But what if you could choose your fellow students? You'd have the best sports team, be in the coolest gang, and pick up the hottest girls.

via Dream School Yearbook / Films / ShortList Magazine.