it's something I wrote about before, how fast people are going on the highways and roadways. Police are saying we are driving faster as a society than we normally do. Dangerously fast, but when they try to pull us over, we don't stop. Why?.

I see a lot of police pulling people over on the interstate and on Central Entrance. People are flying on the roadways. I constantly get tailed by people. I am going 5 to 10 mph faster than the speed limit and people are dropping me and passing me like I am standing still.

WCCO says people are doing what police call super speeding. They are going 100 miles an hour or faster. It's causing a lot of accidents. Not necessarily with the speeders but people trying to avoid the speeders or speeders passing people on the roadways and it causes people to overcompensate and get in a wreck.

Why are people attempting it? Minnesota State Patrol are stumped says WCCO, it's a whole new way of driving and thinking and it's dangerous.


It's not even a certain time that people are speeding. I have had people speed around me downtown Duluth, in Superior on the roundabout going way too fast and it causes me to slow down and let them pass. Mornings, afternoons, evenings, rush hour, it doesn't matter.


WCCO says people are starting to flee or just not pull over and trying to outrun law enforcement. Eagan officer Aaron Machtemes says it's not shocking anymore, that people don't realize how many times either someone tries to outrun them or flees once they are pulled over.

WCCO says if you are thinking of trying to flee or outrun the law, the Minnesota State Patrol is catching the runaway drivers with helicopters and cameras. So, before you get the idea you can do it too, think twice.

The bottom line, slow down is what Minnesota law enforcement says, it will keep you alive and will keep others alive. Traffic tickets are up which drives up premiums, and traffic fatalities are up. Minnesota State Patrol and Duluth Police both say slow down.

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