As of late  we have had a rash of alive and dead animals brought to our door and even in the house.....(see my past blog about the runaway chipmunk. ) Our cat Jasmine has been on a major hunt as of late.

She is not an outdoor cat, but unfortunately she is pretty quick and sits right by the door, and as soon as it opens she is gone.  The other day we were greeted to a dead bird, GROSS!! So being newer to the cat world, I did a little research as to why she does this? According to cat expert Larry Chamberlin, cats are natural born hunters, female spade cats tend to be more aggresive hunters in part to  feed her young and teach them how to hunt. My favorite part of the article was that the cat feels we humans are incapable hunters, and so she is helping us out. Obviously my cat does not see very well or undertsands by the look of me, I am very good at finding the fridge. So, to cut to the chase, do not punish your cat for doing this, put a bell on his/her breakway collar and hope for the best!

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