I've had my PS4 for a few years now. It didn't take long to fill up the 500GB internal hard drive. So as every gamer knows, you need to pick and choose what games you are going to have on your system. At the beginning it wasn't that big of a deal. I could have 4 or 5 games on it and I'd be happy. I really only played a couple of games at a time before I got bored with it.

Also, I'm someone who typically just downloads the entire game from the Playstation Store. So if I want to bring one back, I just download it. My data was saved so I don't have to start over in the game progress. No big deal.

But, as games got bigger and took up more space a problem began. I couldn't update the couple of games I had on my PS4 because there wasn't enough room even for the update files.  The final straw was I had Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battlefield V, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare all needing updates without room on my hard drive. I broke down and finally gave an external hard drive a try.

I ended up buying the Seagate 2TB drive from Walmart. It cost $85. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to play games directly off the hard drive (a problem I encountered with an old XBOX 360).  Turns out, it's pretty darn simple and it works flawlessly.

You plug it in to the PS4, format the drive, and then download all those games you haven't played in years. It was the best $85 I've spent ever concerning my PS4. Now I can hop between all my games like Red Dead Redemption, MLB Live, Battlefield V, Need For Speed, and everything else. I've enjoyed playing games I forgot I even owned.

So if you were like me, stupidly deleting and trying to manage your storage, take the leap.


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