It is mating season for wild turkeys and some of the male species in the Twin Cities Suburbs are getting a tad aggressive, even ending up in peoples homes.

According to on Sunday a homeowner arrived back at their house to find a wild turkey standing on their couch who broke in through a window,  they had to call police to help get it out of the premises. (See video below)

Last week an Apple Valley Police Officer had a wild turkey run up to his vehicle and stand in front of it blocking his path.  Bob Fashingbauer a wildlife expert with the DNR explained that it is mating season right now and the Tom turkeys (males)  are very territorial with the hens. So, any person, animal, or even vehicle that comes in the area they will approach and stand their ground.

As far as the turkeys breaking windows to get in the house what they are seeing is their reflection and so they go in aggressive mode towards this "turkey" in the window. With an average size of 20 -30 lbs.these turkeys have a lot of force being pushed into that window. Fashingbauer recommends the best way to get rid of them is to make a lot of noise and use a sweeping motion with your arms, plus once mating season is over the turkeys should calm down.


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