You know when you fantasize about what you would do with all of your money if you won the lottery? Well, that's basically the premise behind and Cody Wise's 'It's My Birthday' video, only they actually do all of it.

The video, which they created by re-creating popular Vines, shows and his protege, Cody Wise, poppin' in one of the craziest birthday parties to ever exist.  "It's my birthday, it's my birthday / I'm gonna spend my money," Wise sings on the track. "It's my birthday, it's my birthday / I'll live all my fantasies." And indeed he does, throwing a pizza party with twerking dancers, playing pin the tail on the donkey (with the donkey being a woman) and even unravelling toilet paper money. gets equally as crazy, playing a preacher, slapping people with dollar bills, and filming his girlfriend's birth -- only to come out as the baby. Say whaaaat?!

Since there is no way that our descriptions could do the video justice, this is one you'll just have to watch to see for yourself. Check out and Cody Wise's 'It's My Birthday' video above.

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