Our famous Movie Critic Willie Waffle has given his Two Cents about movies out this week, which to go see and which to avoid.

Photo courtesy of Willie Waffle
Photo courtesy of Willie Waffle

1.) The Forest-

Big thumbs down from Willie on this one, he said "it is stupid from beginning to end." A horror movie that is not even scary, yes the worst kind. The premise of the movie is a twin flies to Japan because she believes something happened to her sister, and she may even have died. To find the answer she must enter the mysterious forest, knowing she may never come out. A few scenes are mildly frighting, but nothing original or mysterious about it. Wait for it on DVD.

Willie's Rating: 1/2 Waffle out of 4 

2.) The Revenant:

All the hype about this movie seems to be valid as Willie has said this is a really good movie. Set way back in 1820 Leonardo DiCaprio plays a Scout Leader for trappers on a hunting expedition. DiCaprio becomes gravely injured and is pretty much left for dead. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and it is heart wrenching at times especially the scene where he is attacked by a bear. On a side note Leo was on Ellen recently and told her it took him 6 months to grow out his beard and he probably wont ever do that again, unless it is for a movie role.

Willie's Rating: 3 1/2 Out Of 4 Waffles

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