The box office yields quite the variety of movies again this week from drama to horror/comedy. So after you down all the left over Halloween candy here is a guide to new releases out this weekend.


1.) Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse:

Three Boy Scouts head into the woods and end up having to protect their families from Zombies. Willie says that they are trying to be as funny as Zombieland but don't quite hit the mark. It is a mix of horror and comedy and picks up towards the end.

Willie's Score: 2 1/2 Waffles


2.) Burnt:

Bradley Cooper stars about a Chef who loses it all and is back on the road to redemption. But the road is a little bumpy as he acts like a Gordon Ramsey knock off yelling and screaming at everyone. Thankfully Cooper saves this movie and the ending is awesome.

Willies Rating- 2 1/2 Waffles

3.) Our Brand is Crisis:

Sandra Bullock made this more of a comedy, which is what people want to see from her with her goofball antics, but when things started to get a little more serious and relay a message the audience will lose interest.

Willie's Rating: 2 1/2/ Waffles 


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