Willie Waffle was back at it working hard and taking notes to you the most accurate review of movies out this week. But, he should have maybe worn a rain parka to one of them?

Photo courtesy of Willie Waffle.
Photo courtesy of Willie Waffle.

1.) PAN- We all know the original story of Peter Pan and according to Willie this is the prequel. Levi Miller plays an orphan during WWII, and some evil pirates are preying on the orphans kidnapping them, and making them dig for fairy dust. Hugh Jackman plays Blackbeard and does an amazing job, and seems to be having so much fun playing the villain.This movie can be a little dark at times going from kids movie to Tim Burton adult style.

Total Waffles: 2.5


2.) THE WALK- According to Willie watch this on the biggest screen you can, but be warned if you are afraid of heights either go on an empty stomach or see something else. Willie experienced first hand someone getting sick in the theater...Gross! Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a street performer who comes up with the ultimate plan. He is going to string a wire between the World Trade Centers in NYC and walk across. The movie is set in the 1970's and is all about the visuals.

Total Waffles-3

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