My College Alma Mater the City of Winona Minnesota is in the National Spotlight for the company that was chosen to make the gear for the World Series this year .

Wincraft in Winona, manufactures licensed and promotional products for a variety of retailers, professional sports teams, colleges, businesses, schools and more. I actually have a friend who ended up staying in Winona after college and works at Wincraft.

I have had my eye on a variety of Cubs merchandise but I am holding out until after the World Series. Let me clear I am no bandwagon fan, been a Cubs fan my entire life and have a lot of Cubs items, just need to wait and see what to get after they win the World Series!

What a great nod for this company to be based out of a beautiful little town like Winona and to have such major success! So, look for the Wincraft tag on your future purchases.

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