According to a report from WBAY 57 year old Cathleen Krause of Shawano County Wisconsin has been charged with Delivering THC, Possession of THC, and three counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance. Apparently the woman was handing out cookies laced with marijuana to strangers at a St. Patrick's day parade this past weekend.

A witness said that she received the cookie from a woman who was wearing a green hat and leather jacket and the cookie had pot in it. The Shawano County Sheriff's Office was called to the Town of Wescott on March 16  to investigate the report of a woman handing out the laced cookies. Wescott is North West of Green Bay with a population of around 3,600 people at last census in 2000.

The deputies were able to track down Cathleen Krause and found her to be visibly intoxicated with an odor of alcohol and marijuana on her breath. When questioned by the sheriff the woman pulled out a large baggie filled with cookie crumbs, then when officers searched the woman they found gummy candies and a bottle of pills as well. Both the cookie crumbs and gummy candies tested positive for marijuana.

Krause appeared in court on March 18 and as a condition of her $1,000 bond she must maintain absolute sobriety.

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