Thanks to Celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna and yes even Kim Kardashian one piece swimsuits are making a comeback with a 20 % increase in sales expected this year on these one piece wonders.

Even If you have the body for a bikini the less is more concept has come back around. I do not know anybody that likes to see a guy in a Speedo no matter what kind of body he has. Yes those suits do leave little to the imagination, but you get the idea.

Many women dread the thought of swimsuit shopping, but now at least you may have more options of what looks good for your body type. I hope this trend trickles down to the girls swimsuits as well. Last summer when we were looking for a new suit for our 11 year old daughter all anybody carried was bikinis. Really?

Hopefully this new trend will continue for thousands of women to feel confident in what they wear, even at the beach, and pass this down to generations of girls to come.