P!NK broke records with her last stop in Minnesota, and now she's set to return this fall for a smaller arena show.

In her previous trip to Minnesota, P!NK played the largest show ever at Target Field in terms of attendance, and was the first to woman to headline a concert at the venue, this time around it's unlikely that any records will be broken, but it will certainly sell out quickly.

Xcel Energy Center announced that P!NK will return to Minnesota on Friday, October 18th with openers The Script and KidCutUp with her 'P!NK LIVE 2024' tour. Tickets go on sale to the public this Friday, January, 26th at 10 AM through Ticketmaster.

Citi and Verizon are offering customers presale opportunities starting Tuesday, January 23rd at 10 AM, you can get more info about the Citi presale here and the Verizon presale here.

Pink Performs At Chase Field
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Xcel Energy Center had fun with the concert announcement, they teamed up with Saint Paul-based Circus Juventas, they are a "nonprofit performing arts circus school for youth dedicated to inspiring artistry and self-confidence through a multicultural circus arts experience."

P!NK is known for her high-energy, high-flying shows, using acrobatics, dancing and special effects to entertain audiences all over the world. In 2023 P!NK did shows across Europe, the UK, North America, Australia, and New Zealand grossing over $350 million.

P!NK will have two active tours in 2024, her Summer Carnival tour will continue to hit stadiums across America with her 'P!NK LIVE 2024' tour stopping at smaller arenas in between the larger stadium shows.

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