Most days when I'm traveling over the Blatnik Bridge, it's too early and dark for me to notice this. But yesterday, while driving across the Blatnik Bridge I had to look twice. A sunflower was growing on the side of the Blatnik Bridge next to the concrete barrier.

Life certainly does find a way, doesn't it? Who knows exactly how this happened. Could it be a sunflower seed spit out from a motorist somehow was cultivated by nature and beat the odds to grow up? Just so you know, it is illegal to stop on the bridge or walk on the bridge, but this photographer Joe Polecheck did anyway to take this shot.

However, when I drove by with a passenger to take a photo of it, road crews were there, and somehow the timing was perfect where we snapped a shot of him plucking it out of the ground. Just as quickly as it appeared, it's now gone. The little sunflower beat all odds to grow in an urban landscape, only to have it's life cut short by maintenance.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

To be fair, I'm sure it was causing drainage problems and was a hazard, but we all need a little drama in our life.



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