I have done Yoga one time in my whole life and it was super hard, I have a deep respect for it. But now you add baby goats to the mix and I must say I am awfully intrigued. I have seen videos of this before where baby goats are climbing on people , and jumping around not only lightening the mood but it might feel good to get a baby goat massage in a way.

We all know goats like to climb so I am sure they find humans irresistible to jump on when they are bent in all these weird positions.  So now is your chance to be part of the craze. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 22, 2020 for Goat Yoga + Beer at 1 PM – 3 PM and 3-5 PM at The Cedar Lounge 1715 North 3rd Street in Superior. The event is also sponsored by Earth Rider Brewery and Duluth Goat Yoga.

Join the fun with a beginner class with miniature goats to pet, play, cuddle and of course to take a few selfies with. Tickets are $30 for the yoga class and a pint afterwards. Pre-registration is recommended to fully reserve your spot, but there will be a handful of walk-in spots available as well. BYOM (bring-your-own-mat)

The event will be taking place outdoors and everyone will be respectfully socially distanced form each other. Organizers ask that you do not bring your dogs to the event, as it scares the goats. For more information click here. To order tickets please click here.

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