Update 12/2/22:

A Minnesota Vikings superfan named Lincoln was one of the main highlights during the game at U.S. Bank Stadium on Thanksgiving Day and Kirk Cousins and the whole team definitely took notice. Now the young fan dubbed "Lil' Kirk" will be returning for another game courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings organization.

Last night Hether Gustafson, Lincoln's mom said that Lincoln had about a 15-minute Zoom call with Kirk Cousins who told him there were 3 tickets waiting for him and his mom and dad for Sunday's game against the New York Jets, which also just happens to be Lincolns birthday. The Gustafsons live in Iowa.

Hether told the Pioneer Press (via Yahoo! News): “I think he was star struck, I don’t think he thought it was actually happening.” Honestly, who wouldn't be though, right? Apparently, Cousins had a lot of questions for Lincoln and wished him a Happy Birthday, and told him that the number 8 was his favorite and that it was cool that this will be 8 on his birthday.

The Gustafsons are hoping they get to meet Cousins and some of the other players, and I am pretty sure the organization will have something up their sleeve for the young fan. Wow, how are any future games going to compare to this? Let's hope the Vikings get another win this weekend for Lincoln!

Original Story 11/28/22:

Every fan wants a shot on the Jumbotron whether it is a concert or sporting event and one little kid dressed up like Kirk Cousins on the plane (minus his shirt, glasses, and a pile of chains) and was the real star of the Vikings game on Thanksgiving night. According to profootballtalk.nbcsports.com Cousins said to reporters:

The young kid in the stands who was shirtless, that was just tremendous. We may have to hire him as a team mascot. That was awesome. We had a TV timeout and the guys in the huddle are just loving it, just laughing so hard. We may have to come up with a name for him, get him some tickets, bring him back.

So who is this superfan? According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press: his name is Lincoln Gustafson and he turns 8 on December 4. He and his family drove three hours from Denver Iowa and this was Lincoln's very first Vikings game. What a game it was!

The Minnesota Vikings are truly on a roll with a winning record of 9-2 and perched comfortably on top of the NFC North. The Vikings have played on Thanksgiving Day before but this was the first time they had played at home for the holiday.

Like what seems to be the story of this entire season this was another game that was filled with thrills and chills as the Vikings dominated and got the W 33-26 over the New England Patriots.

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Tell me that Lincoln is not going to be the talk of his school when he went back today. He did not have a care in the world and just danced his little heart out. Even a few non-Vikings fans were giving this kid props and why not, after all, football is just a game right? I say good for you buddy, and let the good times roll, this is a great year to be a Vikings fan so let's see how far they are going to go this season!

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