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Is Zac Efron Retiring From Hollywood?

Following the release of Netflix's docu-series Down To Earth, Zac Efron has reportedly said that he's ready to move away from the Hollywood limelight. He apparently wants to live a mentally healthy lifestyle and does not want to deal with the stress of Hollywood. (via Daily Mail)  

People Are Addicted to Snapchat and Facebook

Has your screen time gone up since quarantine? A new study from Michigan State University revealed that people are actually addicted to Snapchat and Facebook due to the lack of face-to-face interaction with friends. (via Study Finds)

Serena Williams’ Daughter Is the Youngest Professional Sports Owner

The National Women’s Soccer League are starting a new expansion team in California. Called "Angel City," the team is owned by 30 famous women such as Natalie Portman, Uzo Aduba and Serena Williams' daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., who is only two years old! (via The Week

Shaq Saves Woman After Car Accident 

Shaquille O'Neal was praised by the Florida police after he stopped to help a woman who was involved in a car accident on I-75. He saw the accident and wanted to make sure the woman was okay. Shaq waited until the police arrived and left them with a fist bump. Way to go, Shaq! (via Good News Network

What Canada Says About Having Sex During the Pandemic

The Canadian CDC says that if you want to have sex during the pandemic, you have to be extra safe. Since sex includes a lot of face-to-face interaction and zero social distancing,make sure you are being super careful before you do the deed. (via TMZ)

KFC’s New Nugget Creation

Kentucky Fried Chicken is creating something brand new: lab grown chicken nuggets. Not only has this never been done before, but this means the nuggets will be made from animal cells. Would you try them? (via ABC 7)

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