An independent group claims that they have identified the infamous Zodiac Killer as Gary Francis Poste, now a photo is found with the suspected serial killer wearing a Vikings' hat, let's just say social media had fun with that.

Case Breakers is made up of former law enforcement investigators, military intelligence officers and journalists with sole purpose of solving cold or unsolved cases, they've asked law enforcement to test the DNA of the Zodiac Killer and compare it to samples from Poste, but so far they have not done that and both local police and the FBI say the case is still open and unsolved.

Poste died in 2018, but if he is the Zodiac Killer, he could have killed up to 37 people, that's the number claimed by the killer, law enforcement believes it could be as high as 20-28. But at this point, only 5 murders are confirmed to be that of the Zodiac Killer, Case Breakers claims they confirmed a sixth.

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But the photo of Poste in a Viking hat is what really got Twitter going yesterday, with speculation that this is why the Vikings are cursed, one user pointing out in a Tweet, "his first murder was 12-20-68, Vikings first playoff loss was 12-22-68. Vikes cursed by Zodiac?"

Others claiming that they can now understand the serial killer's anger after having suffered as a Vikings fan.

One Twitter user even found some commonalities between the Zodiac Killer and the Minnesota Vikings.

And of course, the worst fans in the NFL have to start chirping about their playoff win against the Vikings.

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