It is that time again to highlight one of the amazing animals that you can see right now at the Lake Superior Zoo. The special guest today is Eugene the Axolotl pronounced ( ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl) which is a freshwater salamander that never fully goes through metamorphosis. The axolotl has fully developed lungs and feathery gills that allow it to breathe underwater.

Axolotl's are critically endangered due to draining and contamination of the lake complex Xochimilco (pronounced SO-chee-MILL-koh) near Mexico City which happens to be the only place you can find them and because they are a popular animal in pet trades which furthers them being endangered.

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Some more cool facts about Axolotl's are: they can grow up to a foot in length, however most of the species is about half that size. The can be seen in a wide variety of colors such as tan, brown, gray, white albino and even blue! I love Eugene's coloring he looks like a long yellow Something else that is pretty cool that few other animals can do is regrow their limbs if they are  injured or lost, they have incredible self healing abilities.

Axolotl's are a carnivorous species, and there diet consists of worms, insects, small crustaceans, crickets, and more. Mmmmmmm sounds delicious. You can meet Eugene on the lower level of Zoo Central (main building) at the Amphibians of the World exhibit! We are so lucky to have this huge variety of animals from all over the world right here at our zoo. Please make sure to order your tickets ahead of time and please follow pandemic safety protocols. Tune in Friday April 2 at 8:15 am as we speak with Haley from Lake Superior Zoo about this amazing animal.

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