Here's a list we went over this morning on the show. used March to celebrate "Every Woman Needs" month.

There are some pretty great lists there, including "The 22 Books Every Woman Needs to Read."

Now with this list, it's the " 17 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do in the Home."

It's pretty simple, but I'm sure there are a few women out there that can't do more than half of these suggested "17 Things Every Woman Should Know How to Do."  I'm assuming women of the Northland have most of these covered, if not all. Right? How many of these things can you say you can confidently do?  I'm giving myself a 16.  Because if my faucet was leaking, I'd call my husband.

1. Cook a signature meal that’s not toast.

2. Clean up and put everything away in a timely fashion. 3. Change lightbulbs.

4. Flip your own breaker.

5. Kill a bug and dispose of it.

6. Plunge your toilet.

7. Fix the vacuum belt.

8. Patch a hole in the wall.

9. Hang pictures properly.

10. Know what to do if there’s a gas leak.

11. Pay the bills on time.

12. Separate the recycling.

13. Reboot the Internet.

14. Move a couch or large chair by yourself.

15. Practice grown-up stranger danger techniques.

16. Repair a leaky faucet.

17. Carve out a space that yours alone.

Is there anything you think should be added to the list?