A brand new bakery in Anoka has one of the greatest names ever and also everything they make, makes me want to jump through my computer screen and eat it. The name of the bakery is Sticky Cheeks Cake and it is located in Anoka Minnesota.  They opened on July 9 of this year and already have a major following and 5-star ratings all the way around.

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On top of opening the bakery one of the owners Crystal along with her partner Callie was diagnosed with Cancer and took to Facebook to Thank all of the great customers who have shown their support even with the brief time, they have been open. Based on some of the Facebook posts it looks like Crystal is feeling better after her surgery and has even stepped her toes back into the bakery.

As you can see from their Facebook page they offer a huge variety of tasty treats and make elaborate cakes as well. I know for sure the one item I am eyeballing is the cotton candy burrito. Are you kidding me? Three flavors of cotton candy all laid out, then ice cream plopped on top then candy on top of the ice cream, and roll it all together like a burrito!

If only I could have that sent to Duluth. Well, next time I am in the Twin Cities add this place to my list. I love to support local businesses and it shows that not only do they have amazing products but amazing people working hard behind the counter with how quickly this place has become so popular. Wishing you a speedy recovery Crystal and congratulations to you, Callie, and your entire staff on your new bakery!

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