The popularity of fantasy football has exploded in recent years. The excitement of getting to hand-pick players based on a number of factors to build a team of your own adds a new angle to watching the games. That got us thinking; why not do the same thing with our local TV news teams? No, we won't be tracking stats and having weekly games between everyone, but why not go through the process of "drafting" a fantasy news team from everyone in the Duluth Superior market and see who the Northland would love to see on a team together?

Here's how the "starting lineup" will look:

"Drafting" (or more accurately, voting) will take place now through September 30. After the ballots are tallied, the team of starters will be announced on Friday, October 2. You will be able to vote once per day for each position through the course of the fantasy draft.

(All positions: Anchor|Weather|Sports|Reporters)

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