Attendees at the 2022 Tall Ships Festival in the Northland will face many changes this year.  Along with a new location will come a daily attendance cap established by the event organizers.

When the Lake Superior Festival of Sail - as it's officially known - makes its debut in Two Harbors, August 4 through August 7, it will come with a daily ticket cap of 6,000 people.  That change comes in large part due to the smaller nature of the new host city. Festival organizer Craig Samborski announced the change at an information meeting held in advance of the event, to cue the general public in on their plans.

According to the story in Business North, Samborski offered that the festival organizers are working hard to get information about the changes out to potential attendees:

"It will not be as large as we've had in Duluth.  [If guests] haven't purchased [their] tickets through existing channels, they shouldn't expect they will be available at the gate on the day they arrive."

Nonetheless, Two Harbors has made the necessary plans to welcome a large crowd to the popular event.  They've already booked security for vendors, plotted out the perimeter for the festival grounds, and even scheduled a portable cell phone tower to provide the cell coverage attendees would expect.

Some of the finer details and plans remain to be ironed out and shared.  While parking hasn't been finalized, Samborski suggested that visitors "park in lots outside of the downtown area".

One thing that won't be changing - the massive yellow rubber duck that's become synonymous with the Tall Ships Festival.  Organizers say that it will be on hand in Two Harbors and will be available for pictures, selfies, and more as a means of promoting the event.

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

People who go can expect four days of historic tall ships on display, live music, food, and more.  Those advance tickets that organizers suggest you get are already on sale and available on the festival's website.

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