According to the Minneapolis City Pages, a 21 year old, Jacob Engler from  Murdock Minnesota went to a car dealership to test drive and buy a vehicle, but he never returned to put pay the down payment and get the title for the car. Instead he and 2 friends took off to California.

It gets worse for him, the two people that were with him were both minors who's parents own the farm that Engler worked for, and he did not get their permission to take them on this "road trip". What I am wondering is how was he able to take this car for a test drive in the first place and not come back?

Anytime I have test driven a car, I have to give the dealership a copy of my drivers license and they hop in the vehicle with me? Englers cell phone was picked up in a town in California, he is now incarcerated waiting to be returned to Minnesota with a slew of charges including possibly abduction as well.