It is truly miraculous that nobody was killed or more people seriously injured when a car was struck by a southbound light rail train around 9 pm on Monday in Minneapolis. The car had a total of 7 people inside and became sandwiched in between 2 trains when they finally stopped.

Video of the scene shows the car entering the intersection with the light being yellow prior to the crash, then the vehicle is hit by the train, eventually stopping on the other side of the intersection.

Emergency responders on the scene had to extract 2 people from the car taking them to the hospital where one is listed in critical condition. Five people on the train received minor injuries. The light rail was shut down until the scene was finally cleared around 10:30 pm.

Since the light rail began in 2004 there have been 416 collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, or bicycles. Of all those collisions only 9 were determined to be the train operators that caused the crash to occur. The operators involved in the crash are on administrative leave while the investigation is underway which could last weeks.

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FOX 9 reports a statement from Metro Transit: "Light rail vehicle movements are guided by signals along the alignment. As part of the investigation, we will be looking at what the rail and traffic signals at this intersection were showing when the light rail vehicle entered the intersection."

Watching the video below it shows just how quickly something like this can happen, motorists need to be aware at all times of the trains coming from all directions and pay attention to the stop lights.

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