The world is still mourning the loss of comedian and actor Charlie Murphy, the brother of comedic legend Eddie Murphy, who passed away April 17 after battling leukemia. But we salute the funnyman on what would have been his 58th birthday.

Charlie was a veteran stand-up comedian who made his mark in various comedic films like Chris Rock’s satirical rap movie CB4, Eddie Murphy’s Harlem Nights and Spike Lee's Jungle Fever. But he really shined on Dave Chappelle’s sketch comedy series, Chappelle’s Show. His True Hollywood Stories segments are still the most memorable and funniest sketches he’s ever done on television.

“We just lost one of the funniest most real brothers of all time. Charlie Murphy RIP,” tweeted Chris Rock.

"Sad to hear about the passing of Charlie Murphy. He was one funny, kind man. Sending love and light to his family and friends," said Russell Simmons.

In honor of Charlie Murphy, The Boombox has highlighted five of his best skits and characters that he portrayed as a comedian during his illustrious career.

Charlie Murphy was one of the greats and he will be sorely missed. Let us all laugh now, and cry later.

  • Leroy Smith - Michael Jordan’s Basketball Nemesis

    Charlie Murphy loved to play zany characters. One of his most memorable characters is Leroy Smith, a self-proclaimed basketball legend who claims that he was the true inspiration for Michael Jordan's success. To prove it, Smith produced a basketball instructional video to help aspiring b-ballers become their best. If you watch the clip, it's very clear that Smythe has little to no basketball skills. However, his balding hairline and tenacity with the basketball makes Smythe a hilarious foil to Air Jordan.

  • Playing Gusto in Chris Rock's Comedy Movie 'CB4'

    Charlie Murphy played drug kingpin, Gusto, in Chris Rock's 1993 cult classic film, CB4, which was a satirical look at the rap industry. In one memorable scene, Chris' character Albert thanks Gusto for letting his rap group perform at his club. What follows afterward is pure hilarity. And yes, Gusto can get upset very easily.

  • Playing Tyree on 'Mad Real World Part 2'

    Charlie Murphy really shined as a writer and actor on Dave Chappelle's popular sketch comedy series, Chappelle's Show. In this memorable skit called "Mad Real World Part 2," Charlie played Tyree, a street thug who steals Chad's girlfriend, Katie, from him. Trust us, you don't want Tyree to be your roommate.

  • True Hollywood Stories: Playing Basketball With Prince

    Charlie Murphy's "True Hollywood Stories" have become the most legendary segments on the now defunct Chappelle's Show. One of them was his retelling of playing basketball with Prince at his mansion. While it may seem laughable that the Purple One can play b-ball, the incident really did happen. And yes, Prince does know how to make pancakes. A big salute to Chappelle who hilariously portrayed Prince. Game... blouses.

  • True Hollywood Stories: I'm Rick James, Bitch

    While the Prince story was classic, nothing beats Charlie Murphy's retelling of Rick James— "the habitual line stepper." The bitch slapping, the feet stomping on couches and reconciliation afterward makes this one of the most funniest performances of Charlie's career. And major props to Chappelle for his spot-on performance of Rick James. This is one of many great moments in Charlie's career.

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