If you are ever in need of anything from rabbit pelts to a speed bag, your local craigslist has something for everyone.


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    Hand Tanned Rabbit Pelts

    You need a white rabbit pelt? You can get one for a steal of a deal at $5. Black pelts will cost you a little more at around $8. If you're a big baller in the rabbit pelt game, colored pelts can range from $8 to $35.

  • 2

    Gas Mask

    I have absolutely no idea why anyone would need a gas mask but if you do, you can get one for $50 right now.

  • 3

    Speed Bag

    It's almost beach season (in like 5 months) and you want a new creative way to get into shape. You hear that boxing is a great workout. Well have I got a deal for you. You can get an Everlast speed bad right now for $30.

  • 4

    Lump of Coal

    I'm not sure what a lump of coal goes for on the open market, I tried googling it and way too many different answers. But hey, if you're looking to get a (very) early jump on some holiday shopping, this 15 lump of coal can be yours for $50.

  • 5

    The Landing on Lake Vermilion

    Do you have an extra $800,000 lying around? Well you can purchase a lakeside restaurant for that much money! The Landing on Lake Vermilion is for sale and it sticks out on craigslist when most of the things for sale you find in someone's backyard.


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