Valentine's Day is fast approaching and while a lot of people will get a card, flowers, or chocolates, doesn't your honey-muffin deserve something different this year?

Instead of the usual gifts, try one of these this Valentine's Day.

24K Gold Plated Rose

A dozen roses are nice, but why not try a 24K gold plated rose in the color of your choice?  In the card you can write something romantic like, "Like my love for you, this rose will never die".

mamre Moon Ambient Light

Nothing sets the mood like a nice subtle light as you sip a glass of wine and whisper sweet nothings.  This light will do the trick and it features a couple snuggling under the moon, or you can choose a couple embracing as another option.  Bonus feature: You can dim this light as you so desire.

Maad Romantic Novelty Toilet Paper

Imagine your hunk of burnin' love waking Valentine's morning, grabbing a cup of coffee and then, shortly thereafter, taking care of some morning business.  Seeing this would certainly let them know they are on your mind all the time.

Blue Sea Signport - Personalized Canvas Prints

Customized gifts add that special, personal touch.  This canvas with a sea theme looks really cool and could be hung in a variety of rooms.  All you need to do is decided on the size and then fill in your info and it will be sent right to your door.  Just don't try to tell your sweet baby-cakes that you painted it yourself.

15 IOU Love Voucher Coupons For Him or Her

Special coupons like this are a lot of fun because it promises future fun together beyond Valentine's Day.  The "Fun With Chocolate" card could get interesting.  However, you may want to set parameters on the "Get Out Of Trouble Free" card.

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