Widely considered a breakfast staple, this versatile cut of meat has many creative uses and an interesting history, filled with all sorts of scrumptious morsels of facts you probably never knew...until now!

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    Bacon is Addictive

    Don't feel guilty about that uncontrollable craving you have. Bacon contains six kinds of umami, which is a pleasant savory flavor that leads to an addictive neurochemical response.


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    Bacon Makes You Smart

    Bacon contains a micronutrient called choline (no, not chlorine) that is associated with maintaining healthy cell membranes and has been shown to increase intelligence in unborn children.

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    Green Bacon Isn't Necessarily A Bad Thing

    Bacon that has been cured or treated in a brine, but has not been dried or smoked is called "green bacon". This kind of bacon is also known as "fresh bacon".


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    Bacon and Booze Go Well Together

    There are varieties of beer, vodka, and bourbon that are bacon flavored. Several cocktails also have bacon flavors, including the Bacon Bloody Mary and Bacontini, also exist.

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    There Is An International Bacon Day

    International Bacon Day is an unofficial celebration loosely held around the world on the Saturday before Labor Day each year.

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    Bacon Is A Good Art Medium

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    You Can Buy Bacon Cologne and Perfume

    There is a company that created a bacon-scented line of cologne and perfume back in the 1920's that is still available for sale today through their website. In the company's Q&A section on their website, they explain that their aromas use the subtle tones of bacon along with other aromas, and do not simply make you smell like bacon. They claim their fragrances have a natural tendency to make people happy.