Bacon fans, listen up! We are heading towards a serious bacon shortage due to diseased pigs in China. What does that have to do with us over here? Well it has to do with global supply and demand. Less pork is going to push prices up higher.

According to an article in the shortage in China has been around for a while but it hasn't affected us yet. That could change next year as they start importing more pork.  China eats a lot of pork, and they are going to need some of ours.

One factor is the trade war with China. If tariffs are removed there will be an open buying season for China to start buying up American Pork. The National  Pork Producers Council has been lobbying for those tariffs to go away. That will mean big money for pork producers, but higher prices of bacon for consumers across the globe. Maybe next time you're at the grocery store, buy your bacon in bulk and put some in the freezer.





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