An unaccompanied pig went viral in Minnesota as it was seen roaming around the city and no one knew who the pig belongs to.

A lot of crazy things and random things happen in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Like people stealing large bells from cemeteries and churches, or a famous actress and singer being randomly spotted in Duluth. I swear there's always something happening in Minnesota.

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According to CBS Minnesota, A pet pig was found wandering around on Grand Avenue near Victoria Street in St. Paul.

Minnesotans reacted accordingly to the random sighting:

I love that someone called it "the jungles of East St. Paul"

A journalist for MPR caught up with the pig and found out her name. It's Rue!

Is there such a thing as "too much excitement in St. Paul"?! Side question, what are the Tangletown Turkeys?

When someone else tweets about a dog driving in the cities, they have to be reminded about the pig that took over St. Paul:

Yup, "just another day"

The best part of working in media, you never know what to expect:

Gotta love the random highlights of the day:

And the last remnants of the pig sighting:

CBS went on to say that Rue was reunited with her owner "very quickly". What a great and random story. I would have loved to see a random pig roaming the city just to tell people "you won't believe what I say today". Like that one time there was a bear stuck in a tree outside city hall in Duluth.

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