I have to admit that this story made me tear up a little bit and hits home of just how much dogs love their human family. Otis is an adorable yellow lab who recently survived three days alone in the woods. Now normally this would not be such an unusual story since dogs run off all the time, but their is more to it than that.

Otis and his owner (dad) were out in the woods hunting in Brownton Minnesota which is in the central part of the state, when his dad had a heart attack and died at the scene. Poor Otis stayed right by his side the entire time, but when some people came looking for them he got scared off and ran away.

That is when a rescue group The Retrievers was called in who help look for lost dogs. They quickly suggested to the family that they set out some dirty clothes with his humans scent on them and put them in the woods. I have heard about doing that at your home as well so that the dog will return to your scent.

The case manger from the Retrievers group was trying to set up a humane cage to catch Otis when she saw him standing next to his owners old shirt. With the help of some food and another friendly dog they were able to get him and bring him home where he belongs.

Just the thought of that poor dog, being scared and gauging that something was not right and stayed right by that mans body until other people arrived hits you right in the pit of your stomach. Amy Addy, who volunteers with The Retrievers, said:

When there's a trauma like this, whether it's a car accident or a house fire, obviously something like this happening, dogs will typically stay in that radius. They just kind of keep looping around the radius because it's the last place they ever saw their human. We tell people, get back there, put clothes and food, and sure enough, the dogs come back.

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One of my dogs Lucy the 14 year old Shih Tzu is a runner. If that door opens and she is near it she will bolt and not stop. I have learned to not try and chase her because she thinks it is a game, so I actually have laid down on the ground and called out to her so she can see me and almost every time she came running back to me.

The Retrievers suggest that you make sure your dog has a collar with a name tag on it, Is microchipped and to always keep them on a leash when outside. Animal Allies is a great resource for microchipping usually done at a discount. Another local organization that helps with lost dogs and cats is Missing Pets In The Northland.

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