If you are somebody that does not like to take vitamins or maybe is just forgetful, their may be one in the near future that you would look forward to taking, made of chocolate.

Everyone has heard the scientific studies about how dark chocolate is good for your health. Well yes that may be true, but for some like myself, milk chocolate has a much better taste, but in a vitamin...why not? I live with someone who is a diligent vitamin taker, as hard as I try I just never remember to take them. I blame it on my crazy schedule, since I have to get up so early in the morning Monday through Friday.

Honestly I am lucky If I can make it to work on time without forgetting to put my shoes on. I am like a drugged bear when I get up, so maybe these dark chocolate vitamins would give me that extra energy boost I so obviously need? To bad the study is not being done around here, because I would surely would give it a try and volunteer.  For more information on this Click Here