The organizer of a city wide snowball fight is a man who goes by the name of Lake Superior Aquaman and he is hoping to get a ton of people down to Leif Erickson Park this Sunday from 12p-3p for a city wide snowball fight.

According to Lake Superior Aqua Man's Facebook Page here is what is going on: "Gather at Duluth's Leif Erickson Park - site of the ruins of Snow-Fort City - for a giant snowball fight. If you can't make it, throw snowballs at your neighbors wherever you are. Let this snowball fight spread through the city like a viral infection. Temps will be in the mid-to-high 30s, so the snow will be wet and packable. The only rules are: if you hurt anyone, you're doing it wrong. This is not a dominance ritual but an expression of exuberance. That said: let loose the dogs of war! Form teams, go solo, or hire yourself out to the highest bidder. Bring shields, banners, 3-person slingshots etc. Plan ambushes, build fortifications, betray your teammates for fun and profit! "

I think this is a great way to bring the community together to have a little fun, I just hope that everyone that participates keeps their cool and realizes this is all in fun and not throwing frozen snowballs at someones head. Apparently last year aqua man and his friends shoveled out a whole entire ice skating rink on Lake Superior for a public ice skating party, but he said he could not count on the Lake being frozen this year so decided to come up with this idea instead. For more information click here.

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