Last night my girlfriend brought our cat into our new place after staying with her mom for the last few months and let me tell you how that went.

I've been an animal person since the day I was born and I absolutely love them! Last night, however was a whole different ball game.

Staying in a new place for the first time is always rough for me. I'm one of those people that have to get used to it first before I can settle in right away, apparently so is our cat Bloo.

On top of the tossing and turning there was non stop meowing and I'm not talking about normal meowing either. It was the loudest meow I've ever heard and she did it what felt like every five seconds! It was like a scene from the movies where the dogs are out in the alley barking and the person yells "shut up!" Only, it was a cat and I was too nice to yell at ,my girlfriend's cat.

Don't get me wrong I love Bloo, but I would like the constant midnight meowing to stop. Anybody have any tips to keep the cat more calm and to help adjust her to the new place more quickly? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!