While this flight originally happened July 7, 2016, ahead of the Duluth Airshow that year, we still can't get over what a wild experience Ian had while flying with a stunt plane pilot over the Twin Ports area.

As another Duluth Airshow approaches, we wanted to relive this unforgettable experience, so we decided to share it once again!

The 2022 Duluth Airshow lineup does not feature this particular plane, but it does include a number of great performers! This year's headliners are the US Air Force Thunderbirds, taking to the sky both Saturday and Sunday. Also, just announced, the F-35 Demonstration Team will be performing at the show! There will be a lot to see in the sky and at the static displays on the ground this year.

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Now, back to Ian's flight from 2016. Admitting he is afraid of heights, he recounts the experience, saying the following:

Nobody seemed interested in taking the flight besides Cooper, but he needed to man the camera. So I swallowed my fear and decided to take one for the team. The video definitely gets better as the stunts start to take place. Check it out above and enjoy. There's also a photo gallery of the experience below!

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