Frozen 2 is out in theaters, and with our little 6 year old super Elsa fan, we were at the first showing in Duluth last night. I had read an early review that the movie was OK, but predictable so I was a little worried it wouldn't stand up to the first movie. That's often the case with sequels.

I'm going to do this without any spoilers, so it will be vague but you should get the idea. Basically Elsa hears a voice from the enchanted forest, that has a mysterious history involving her father. We learn more about Elsa & Anna's past and they both go on their own journey.

All of your favorite characters are exactly what you expect and want. Olaf has some really great laugh out loud comic scenes. The theater erupted several times.

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The soundtrack is solid. I can't believe I'm seeing some people already reviewing that the songs aren't as good as the first movie. We've had years to have those songs grow on us. Give it some time, people. I'm sure we'll know all of these songs by heart as soon as it's streaming in our living rooms.

This movie is darker than the first Frozen. Not in a scary way, but there are some points where it feels all has been lost. There's lessons in strength, understanding growing up, and accepting the past. Olaf shares the lessons he is learning as he is growing up as a young snowman. It's pretty great stuff.

The ending is satisfying. It leaves room for another Frozen movie, which I would welcome. I think this holds up to the first Frozen movie. To be fair I think parents are just thrilled to see something different as we've seen the first movie 6,000 times by now.

Either way, this movie is good. It won't disappoint, and the kids will love it.


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