One lucky Duluth native got an overnight "Thanksgiving miracle' sent to him in Denver, Colorado. 

Every November, Burrito Union takes Thanksgiving dinner and wraps it all up in a burrito. The specialty burrito includes: turkey, stuffing, yams, corn, cranberry sauce and a side of gravy. Steven Libby, a Duluthian who now lives in Denver was the recipient of a burrito surprise.

According to KBJR,  the whole thing transpired over Facebook after they posted a message promoting their specialty meal. Libby went to Facebook to thank Burrito Union for going the extra mile and said he hasn't had it in over two years. Apparently the burrito was $50 to deliver it all the way to Denver.

I'm sure they don't do this kind of thing all the time, but it's great to see a local restaurant going the extra mile for it's fans.