This is a great idea if you are leery of stepping on a ladder and going on your icy roof. Your neighbors might be wondering what the heck you are doing, but this could work.

We are really lucky (knock on wood) that we have not had Ice Dams form on the roof of our house, but for many people this is a huge problem. If you notice a wall of ice on your gutters and icicles hanging down you have a typical Ice Dam. Not only can it ruin your shingles but the water from the ice can leak into your home and ruin the sheetrock and walls.

So here is an idea of how you can help break up the Ice dam yourself with a pantyhose and some rock salt. I love the idea of using a string because then you can toss it on the roof and pull it to your spot you want and get it off the roof easily when you are done.

If you experience these Ice dams you need to get more insulation into your attic, so if need be consult a professional or install it yourself. Besides the hassle of the Ice Dams you are losing money through all that heat going through the top of your roof.

In the event that this does not work you will need to hire a professional contractor. Like any projects on your home you are wise to work with someone locally. I found it really difficult to find companies that specialize in this they can vary from roofing companies to Independent contractors, but here is web site that is free and no obligation to get up to 4 quotes from companies that offer this service. Click on Local Snow Removal Quotes


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