With thousands of people all across the country being laid off from their jobs due to the Covid-19 coronavirus and the subsequent quarantine many are faced with some serious hardships including funds to buy food. One parent in Lester Park has started a movement to help teachers in the area who have been affected by being laid off from their jobs.

Brandi Grandaw of Lester Park made a post on Facebook asking if anyone would like to help her raise money and before she knew it she had already raised $700. Parents at other schools have started to raise money as well. According to WDIO When Grandaw posed the question to teachers to ask how they could help Barbie Westerberg a  Kindergarten teacher at Lester Elementary School said "I suggested to her that since they were giving to us, it would be nice to give back to our Lester Park community so we chose places in our community where parents owned the business or they donated to our school before so that we in turn could give back to them."

Westerberg went on to say “It makes what we do worth it all the time. We work in a great community at Lester Park and communities like that are all around the city, but our parents appreciate us through fundraisers that we do, meals for conference nights and its just one more way they are showing their love and makes our job worthwhile.”

If you would like to help out with this cause see below:

@Brandi-Grandaw Venmo
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