We have all seen Lost Dog posts on Social Media and for many pet owners it is a desperate attempt to get their beloved pet back home safe and sound. According to WDIO Lorene Faus who lives up the North Shore and has a dog of her own saw a notice of a dog found wandering around near where she lives and became very concerned, so she set out to meet with her neighbor Melissa Gaylord to try and track the dog down.

The big chocolate lab which they named Eleanor had been on the run and was very skittish around the humans trying to help her. It is believed she may have been abandon. With temperatures dipping well below zero along with the Polar Vortex and record snowfall they both became very worried that she would not survive. Faus said for five weeks straight they were trying to track her down and would become more concerned as each day passed.

The women reached out to a volunteer group in the are called The Retrievers and Jennifer Cadigan who is a member of the group gave them a camera to use to help spot where the dog was going. Ten days ago the camera caught the dog eating from a frozen compost pile. They started leaving out dog food which she would eat and then run away, so Cadigan got a cage and a rotisserie chicken to try and lure Eleanor in and this past Saturday it worked. The group were able to get her in the cage and get her out of the cold. Eleanor is currently at Animal Allies getting checked over by a veterinarian and resting up from her epic adventure.

A Big Thank You to all those involved for their tireless effort to help out this poor dog, this is a truly a community devoted to helping out our four legged friends. Great job ladies!

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