Hard Seltzer fans rejoice, a festival celebrating this fashionable low carb drink is coming to Minneapoli this Spring. On April 18 Minneapoli will hold a first of it's kind festival called Seltzer Land. There will be more than 100 varieties of spiked Seltzer on hand for you to try which may even sway some form there already loyal brands. The festival will be making it's debut in Minneapolis at Quincy Hall then move on to 9 other U.S. Cities.

According to City Pages  The Hosts of the event are Cannonball Productions, and CEO and founder Kate Levenstien said, " Hard seltzers sales have ‘spiked’ over the past year, and they’re not slowing down. We want to create an opportunity for fans to explore their palates, and brands to showcase their variety through an immersive tasting experience.”

Seltzer Land will be taking place ver 2 different sessions which when you think about it is really smart because it breaks up the amount of time people can be at the event and drink. Anyway the sessions are : Brunch from 12:30-3:30 and then an afternoon session starting at 5pm. Lot's of food will be available as well as live music and games.

Tickets for the Minneapolis Seltzer Land are on sale now; $29 for general admission and $49 for VIP.

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