Since we have Baconpalooza coming up on May 8th, I of course started googling Bacon.I have seen so many jokes and memes all about Bacon since then.  So I decided I'm going to share my favorite 10 bacon jokes and memes.


Baconpalooza is May 8th, you can get your advance tickets for a lower price and details HERE

  • 1

    Q: Why did the pig go into the kitchen?

    A: He felt like bacon.

  • 2

    Money Can't Buy Happiness

  • 3

    The Ultimate Pick-Up Line

    Do you like Bacon?
    Wanna strip?
  • 4

    The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem

  • 5

    A Bacon and An Egg Walk Into A Bar

    The bartender tells them 'We don't serve breakfast here!"

  • 6

    Bacon And Math - Doctors say each piece of Bacon you eat takes 7 minutes off your life. Based on my own math I should have died in 1732

  • 7

    Why Didn't Anyone Want To Play Ball With The Pig?

    Because he always hogs the ball!

  • 8

    This Is Serious!

  • 9

    Which Celebrity Smells The Best?

    Kevin Bacon

  • 10

    Life Is Easy


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