When I first moved to Minnesota to go to college I learned pretty quickly about the Boys High School tournament and the important role it plays in the state. Growing up in a suburb of Milwaukee all we had was pee wee hockey and that was it, none of the high schools even had a hockey team so I had a lot to learn. Now many years later having lived in the state of hockey it all makes sense to me how you have little boys and girls out on the ice as soon as they can walk with dreams of playing in high school and reaching the state tournament.

But two teams are the focal point of a documentary which is currently in production called "Hockeyland" which is being made by a company called Northland Films. The premise of the film is about two boys Northland Hockey teams and their 2019-2020 season. The Hermantown hawks vs. Eveleth-Gilbert Golden Bears. They hope to have it released by the Fall of 2021.

JT Haines of Northland Films said to The Duluth News Tribune : 

These are old, storied schools where things are changing right out from under people right now. There’s all this history and tradition and nostalgia — in a positive sense — that we feel we need to document.

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The crew spent months behind the scenes with the boys and coaches from each team capturing an inside look into the passion and dedication you need to be the best. The actual film is completed but a kickstarter campaign has been established to put the finishing touches on the film in which they are hoping to raise $45,000.

What a great honor to have these film makers return to Minnesota and to have a platform to show the world that it is more than a sport here, it is a way of life. To see a preview of the film click here. Even though I myself can't skate to save my life I am a sucker for sports documentaries and I am will be sure to check it out as soon as it is available.

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